Leaving the Long White Cloud

Leaving everything till the last moment is important otherwise you get too comfortable, so as usual I rush round last minute and get all sweaty.

Made it to the airport, said goodbye without tears…mostly. Then off to Auckland. Few phone calls and some cheese from Koru lounge, thanks ANZ, helped get rid of the stress of last minute packing.

Call over the PA for me in the airport made me think id got an upgrade, was just a seat move to allow some baby to sit with its mother. Come on kids, be independent already. Being nice pays off as I had the only seat in economy with an empty seat next to it.

Managed to sleep a few hours, brush my teeth and had enough water to not feel like a zombie then lined up like zombies to get through customs. Line moved quick until we got to the Visa line. One agent for 40 people. Break must have ended as another 5 agents walked in and things started moving again. I got the one unfriendly Canadian, I handed over my Visa and he said “why are you here”, I said working holiday and got told to sit down. Few minutes later he literally just threw my visa on the counter and said “done” and “next”. I stood up and got my visa then smiled and strutted out. Got my bag, got Tim Hortons (couldn’t resist) and found the train. Topped up compass card(Snapper/Hop) $20 at a time as the machine didn’t take anything bigger, but $130 gets me a month of train and bus rides so guess I’m never walking anywhere again.

Finding the bus stop on only GPS was hard, I tried using data but 2Degrees roaming rates are $10/MB for Canada so I got 2 emails, 2 FB messages and a snapchat before I went back to no data. Found the bus, got on the bus, felt awkward as my bag is huge and had to sit in disabled seat but couldn’t really give up my seat for a guy on crutches as bus was full and bags like to roll.

Made it to my accommodation at about 6pm, couldn’t open the door as I had no data (magic internet key). Friendly Canadian in the other apartment gave me the wifi password, got in and couldn’t find which room was mine. Waiting for the owner to reply, I decided it was time to get food.

Grocery stores here feel like NZ until you get to cereal aisle then its all a trip into American movies.

Canada is so nice even the food gives complements, well I think, the Safeway brand is called complement. OJ, PB, Lays and bread in tow, I was feeling more like an adult.

Finally had food, another person staying here found me a towel so I could rid myself of what felt like 3 weeks of grime and watched two episodes of Kimmy Schmidt, I noticed I wasn’t grumpy of stressed.

One day of confusion and frustration just didn’t affect me. Yes travel is harder than it should be and not having simple things like communication or directions available can make you feel useless, being a kiwi and a male we want to be independent and not ask anyone for help, but it’s just one day of the next 700+ and I survived so just roll with it.

That actually really surprised me. I usually feel frustrated when plans don’t work but this time, nothing. Travel has changed me. That was quick. What will I do for 23 months if I’ve already had the life changing experience?

Maybe I’ll try get taller or build a dam.

Today I will (hopefully) get my SIN (IRD number for Canada), mobile plan (Cellphone plan) and open a bank account (Bank account). That’s my brain empty for now. Not sure where this need to write it down came from but next time it should be shorter.

Have a fantastic day.


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