Hello jet lag my old friend

I’m starting to think I have angered the sandman. I’ll have to get him a present, maybe some sand, not sure what he likes. Day 2 was a bit of a fail. I don’t like carrying my passport around but everything I wanted to do needed it. So day 3 it is.

I did a bit of tourist stuff instead. Had a look at the waterfront, walked around few blocks trying to find things and enjoyed the summer heat. 23 degrees in town, light until 10pm, snow on the hills, I’m really liking this place.

Vancouver Pano

Sadly Game of Thrones has ruined Vancouver for me. Venturing down the street, I hear a crow skwark, I instantly tense up and wonder which way the enemies are coming from. It’s weird how TV can have that impact. I hope I don’t start attacking shadows. I am still quiet tired so it’s possible.

On to the ghost cars… Before crossing you check which way the drivers looking to get an idea of where they are going, but there is no one there! Dum dum dummmmmm. After a small eye movement to the right everything becomes ok again.

Small things/small minds, I still find this funny.

Finally got my Visa this morning out and read it properly, I just checked main stuff in the airport. I don’t know how I missed my conditions on it and not sure how I came across to the agent at the airport but this is what’s on there. Might disable comments on this post…


Day 3 sitting in Service Canada writing this part of the blog, waiting for the emphasis on the “a” in my name so I can get my SIN (Social Insurance Number) which allows me to work. Also today I want to get a phone plan and a bank account. (update after the fact, bank account still hasn’t been selected. The bank I wanted only accepts Canadian ID’s)

Transportation facts: To get to town I take a bus and two trains. At the moment this is still fun. Train is fully automated and really quick. Need to make sure I go either side of rush hour as it becomes quite cosy.

I also wanted to mention big brother and cookies and other IT words, possibly LAN. I’ve never seen why people were so worried about being tracked on the internet till now. Wow, everything has more ads here and they are way more specific than NZ. Facebook and snapchat and the like. Someone has to make money I guess.

Well that’s my first 48 hours. I need to try fix my sleep pattern. Then life will become more normal.

Bye for now


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