Week won!

First week in Canada done. I’ve survived! I have my SIN number, a bank account and a mobile provider. Life is complete. Well the first weeks list is complete. I’ve even had my first job interview. Didn’t get it but it was an interesting experience. Small company called Apple, don’t know if they have them in NZ. Was a group interview with about 40 people, learnt a bit about Apple, learnt a bit about each other. They are big on people which I like. I pretended to be a MacBook, like in most of my interviews

Zane, from my film school, and Charlotte, his wife, arrived back in Canada. They have been my tour guides/pun buddies. We have had a squizz at Granville island, Kitsilano, Main Street and sunset beach(my name for it because the sun was setting, I think that it was just sunset when we were there, the beach also has day time).

This week is set aside for a bit more exploring, the hardest part I’m finding is planning stuff for trips away. Everyone wants you to book a day to do stuff. I’m not really sure which day in a month I want to do something. Especially outdoor things.

Everything else is pretty good. I’m not missing NZ as much as I thought. I still keep in touch with people, make fun of certain people… (Marty) and I’m not as clueless about things here as I though. I can work out where I’m going, which coins are which and that I need to stay on the right when walking. It is true that everyone is nice, they are relaxed and polite. It makes this whole move much easier.

Canada does chicken tenders like nobody’s business. Fresh and tasty, crunchy and… ok I’ll stop. Getting too excited.

Vancouver weather is a game. If it looks like rain, take a jacket and you’ll never use it. If it looks like rain and you don’t take a jacket, you’ll need it. Haha you’re wet now! If it’s cold, wear a jersey and you melt. Sweaty much! If it’s cold and you don’t have a jersey then you’ll be cold until you find a heater. Sun and cloud are both warm. Clouds are also cold. Currently Shane 2 – Weather 8.

I’ve found if you ever want to chat to someone, just drop the “I’m from New Zealand” line and you have at least 5 mins of talk time. People seem to love the place. They want to go or have family there. They must all be in Auckland because it doesn’t feel that full. Might see if I can get some money for all the advertising I’m giving out for Tourism NZ.

I’m thinking it might be quite easy to pick up some French here, it’s on everything and every government worker seems to have to/want to use both in greetings. It’s nice, I like it. But that will be an ongoing project.

Blogs may go down to weekly or more as I’m not doing as much anymore and you probably don’t wanna hear about every pizza I have, 3 so far, but I’ll try keep the content to the high standard for my readers (Mum).

Au revoir mes amis


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