Tales on the roadbus

Thought I’d do another bus update. Just a short one as I haven’t done too much. See if the mobile app works for blogs.

Off to Kamloops for two days to break up the bus ride to Calgary. Then off to the stampede. After that a few days in Banff. One hour into the 5 hour trip and doing great. Though I’m just sitting listening to music so not sure what would mark it down. 

There is so much here like NZ but I’ve finally worked out what is constantly reminding me I’m not at home… there are no driveways! (That took three weeks to notice) Pretty much all the houses in Vancouver have garages at the back and a small access road between each street. It’s not a bad idea.

Also the power sockets don’t have switches. Not sure if I’ve mentioned that one. They also have less volts, my beard is coming in nicely as I can’t charge my trimmer. Lumberjack level in no time.

Well that was short and sweet. Hopefully I do well with my next 4 hours of sitting.

This message brought to you by Greyhound Buses, we get around.


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