I would bus 600 miles and I would bus 600 more

Sorry I’m late, a lot of traffic this morning. Thanks for coming, ok let’s begin. It’s been a while, been doing a few things here and there. Will try keep it under 500 internet pages.

Kamloops on a Sunday was pretty quiet but amazing place to look around. Then was made aware of the current forest fire problem. The smoke rolled in and turned everything red. It was cool but creepy. I would say a freight train goes through there about every half hour, don’t see as many trucks on the road. Would be the way to do it if NZ had a rail network.

Then back on the bus to Calgary. Met an awesome local guy who drove me to my place, which was great at 11pm, then we went to Stampede the next day. Oh Stampede. Like every A&P show in one. They have a whole show ground that is basically for this one event for 10 days a year.

Achievements: I got a hat, I met a Mountie, I taught a Mountie what a kiwi is, I drank half a watermelon, I went in a tipi (I thought it was teepee), I had a Budweiser while listening to country music and watching people ride mechanical bulls, I had ribs and didn’t make a mess, I didn’t get lost and I used my Superpass more than once.

Watched horses staring at cows, trying to stop them getting back to their friends. ( Cutting championships) Amazing how the horse just knows that it has to stop this cow from joining the herd, the rider just lets go of the reins. Then I watched the chuckwagon races which is also cool. The show afterwards was a big Canadian spectacular. Life sized bobbleheads, wirework and lots of fireworks. Because it gets dark late they started at 11:15pm.

Stampede is also food. It was like those deep fry kings shows on the food channels. Tried a lot of big food. Ribs, hotdogs, corndogs, beer. I wasn’t brave enough to try chicken feet but a mate here did.

I also went to the Olympic park where they held the 1988 Winter Olympics. I didn’t realise but this is where the real Cool Runnings and Eddie The Eagle happened. Same Olympics, who would have guessed. I walked up beside the bobsled track. Long but a nice view. Then I went on the luge, the name looked familiar, Skyline luge. Thats right the one in Rotorua. They own a few around the world. Fast track but they try slow you down a lot because safety something…

Next was time to pick up my new best friend, the truck. I kept going to the wrong side for the seatbelt and gear shifter. It was scary driving it back to my Airbnb on the wrong/right side of the road but the next morning on the motorway out towards the Rockies, everything kind of just clicked. This is the way to live, cruising round in a small house through the giant mountains.

Banff was beautiful, Canmore was beautiful and yes Lake Louise was beautiful. The scale just doesn’t really sink in. There are just more snow capped, picturesque mountains behind the ones in front of you. The forest fires kind of reduced the amount of beauty you could see. Just a reason to go back. Did lots of walking, lots of looking and lots of sweating.

After all this I made a decision, I’m going to move to Calgary. Not just because of the hat. So I’m spending my 1st and 2nd birthday day looking at apartments and applying for jobs.

Who would have thought that this is where I’d end up, but I did enjoy Cool Runnings as a kid so maybe it was subliminal messaging.

Hopefully the next update will be from my new room where my suitcase will be tucked away in a wardrobe.


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