Its now nearly three months since I threw caution to the wind and decided I no longer like my savings account. Things are chugging along, I’ve found a basement to live in and swapped my drivers licence for a Canadian one. Now I just need to swap it for a different Canadian one. I have my Alberta health card so I can go to a doctor for free.

I’ve been to IKEA enough to know where all the shortcuts are to get round everyone. Got some cool stuff and spent less that $50 to partly furnish my place. I’m a regular at Walmart. It’s 4 blocks from me. It’s not like the American ones but still can find interesting deals and people.

I’ve also got some wheels now and they are attached to a truck. It’s a Ford Escape which I didn’t know they did in a truck. It’s probably the smallest truck in Canada but (insert your short jokes here). Oh and one other thing… ummm ah that’s right, a job. I’m now a slushie maker. Well of sorts. I’m on the track team doing ice maintenance for the bobsled and luge track at Winsport, the 1988 winter olympic venue. Ill keep an eye out for John Candy.

Anyone wants to look it up,

As of next week I’ll be a proper adult again. I’ll be able to pay bills and complain about my boss, sorry Matt you’ll lose that spot now. I better go get some lunch stuff, can’t do picnic lunches with Kula anymore.

There may be more updates now as I have more interesting stuff to talk about. No one wanted to hear about me getting up at 10am and trying out new way to poach eggs.

See y’all later.


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